3D Visualisation

Sometimes it is hard to visualise how a building will look until it has been completed, which can be too late if the design is not right.  Hand Built’s 3D computer software allows our clients to accurately visualize their project during the design phase, to check that the proportions and features look correct.  If required, we can even generate full colour photorealistic images that represent the exact materials or colours that will be used, positioning the building within a photo of the existing site; perfect for promotional purposes or just to show your family and friends.  The 3D computer software also becomes an integral part of our energy efficient designs, allowing us to accurately check shading and natural light.

No matter the type of project, our team strive to deliver creative ideas and solutions, a personalised service to all our clients and attention to detail.  We provide a design service throughout the Riverland, Mallee and across South Australia. For a no obligation consultation, call Hand Built today to arrange an appointment.